Thursday, July 09, 2009

My art in ELLEgirl Korea Magazine

No idea how Slim got hooked up with the cover model...

My art and interview were in Elle Girl Korea, who knows what it says...

JILL the DUTCH GIRL vintage object assemblage 1000 PIECES no. 113


Jill the Dutch Girl was created with an old Brooks leather bike seat, vintage red wooden clogs from Holland, old yarn spindles, vintage shoe stretchers and an old brown croquet ball head. The colors in the photos didn't come out quite right, she's browns and tan with very red shoes. Jill stands 18 1/2" tall by 10 1/2" wide at the hands. She's named, signed, dated and number 113 in the series of 1000 Pieces. Thanks!

See all my available sculptures here:§ion_id=5219012

Kind words about my work..

Cat Bishop elevates recycling to an art form. Vintage objects collected from flea markets and thrift stores—old toys, dishes, cameras, car parts, game pieces—get assembled and reenvisioned as oddly human and animal sculptures. Singles, couples, and whole families emerge from her ability to imagine anything as a body part—domino feet, cue ball heads, xylophone torsos, teapot bellies. The beings that populate her world of art are both strange and proud—"feel good" creations that evoke sympathy and humor at the same time. Great gifts.

Cat Bishop has sold over 150 sculptures to date on, many of the buyers being repeat customers, evidence of buyer satisfaction. Her work resides in private collections worldwide, including Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and the UK.
Added on Jul 9, 2009

CAR GUY everybody knows one 1000 PIECES no 112

car guy, originally uploaded by catbishop.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CAR GUYS everybody knows one 1000 PIECES no 110 and 111


Fun and funky car guys, be the first on your block to have one.. since there are only two your odds are pretty good:)

Created with vintage wooden toy cars and vintage blocks with 1950's dudes photos. Named, signed, dated and numbered on the bottom. Not intended for children. Thanks!

CARNEY BABY vintage toy xylophone boy 1000 PIECES no. 108


Carney Baby is the newest offspring in the carnival clan, I have no idea who he belongs to although lots of the carney adults around here have xylophone parts. Carney Baby was created with a vintage alarm clock head, toy vintage metal Tudor xylophone body and vintage baby doll parts. His head is not attached so he can pose any which way you like...

He's looking to leave the circus and come live at your house. Carney Baby measures 16 1/2" tall and 12" wide, he's named, signed, dated and number 108 in the series of 1000 Pieces.