Thursday, April 26, 2007

Egg Salad Sally

Egg Salad Sally, originally uploaded by catbishop.

Egg Salad Sally was inspired by two hillbilly encounters I had yesterday. Truly I have no ill feelings toward these people but sometimes it's like being on another planet. The first was at the scrapyard, an old chevy van backed up next to me and started to unload a giant amount of rusty metal objects and gross old appliances. Along with all the metal out spilled two toddlers oblivious to the dangers of being barefoot in a scrapyard. Their smoking Mama didn't seem to notice either. This old copper stew pot came from that family, it has a forged rusty iron handle and some nice copper patina.

The second encounter was at the post office where an old hillbilly man who I developed a crush on was asked the usual "anything liquid,fragile or hazardous question?" and he replied "That there's just a big ol box ah eggsalad." He thought his joke was pretty funny and continued to ramble on about the dangers of egg salad in the mail, spoilage and all.


Steph said...

"big ol' box ah eggsalad" was my first audible laugh of the day. Thank you.

Sarah Ogren said...

Ha! Those are some great stories! I live out in the boonies and can relate. I love your sculpture by the way! This one is one of my favorites!

stilettoheights said...

that made me almost pee my pants, for serious!!!!!

if i was in a band I would name my first cd "big ol' box ah eggsalad"