Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Espresso Family

Coffee Trio, originally uploaded by catbishop.

This is the Espresso family, named Venti, Grande and Tall. They are over-caffeinated and always on the go... Oh and the mother's an amputee but it doesn't slow her down a bit. I've decided to keep these together as a family unit and sell them as a group. They were created with old metal espresso pots, pool balls and vintage "paint by number" paints in glass jars. The heads are not attached so they can be posed. The dad measures 17" tall and the child is 11 1/2" They are signed and dated and 3 of a kind...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gastank Turtle made by Keaton, age 11

Gastank Turtle my son made, originally uploaded by catbishop.

Damn if he didn't make something I'm sure I can sell and now I should at least give him most of the money when it sells right? He's just going to waste it on Legos.. Mother of the year.

No but seriously it's a badass turtle and I'm so proud. But he's going to have to find his own junk and leave my stash alone...