Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gastank Turtle made by Keaton, age 11

Gastank Turtle my son made, originally uploaded by catbishop.

Damn if he didn't make something I'm sure I can sell and now I should at least give him most of the money when it sells right? He's just going to waste it on Legos.. Mother of the year.

No but seriously it's a badass turtle and I'm so proud. But he's going to have to find his own junk and leave my stash alone...


stilettoheights said...

it's incredible....and if it sells, I think you should take at least 40%, that's the minimum a gallery would take, introduce him to the harsh world of art at an early age.


Anonymous said...

what a genius! Tell him he works for you now, and only pay him hourly. What's minimum wage these days?