Friday, July 20, 2007

Name my new dog, win a prize

Name my new dog, win a prize, originally uploaded by catbishop.

He showed up on craig's list... as usual people who think they want Afghan's quickly realize they don't. He's been cooped up in a small dog run and kennel his whole life and is completely untrained. He's quickly getting the hang of hanging out all day doing artsy stuff and sleeping next to me while I work. He's already learned to walk up steps and jump in my truck, neither of which he would do a few days ago. Apparently he never went anywhere in the car. My other afghan Monkey is not real fond of him but he's dealing. Monk is white and my son wants to have them be "Spy vs Spy" for halloween.

If I use the name you suggest I'll send you an all expense paid vacation to Tahiti.. not really, it's hot there this time of year anyway. Really I'll send you your pick of an 8x10 print from my shop. Enter as many times as you like. He's a boy so no girlie names please. Thanks!


Dre said...

my entry
(is a large baboon, so you'll have monkey and mandrill -or-
monk and mandy! rofl, i kill myself!!!)

i'm sure i'll think of more :)

Claire said...

Hm. The first time I saw his photo, I immediatley thought 'Roland'. Don't ask me why.
But, since he's such a lovely brown, you could do something on a chocolate theme: Choxie, Hershey, Nestle...
I have to stop. I am getting hungry.

Dre said...

our next picks are

Natalie said...

For some reason he reminds me of one of the characters from Fraggle Rock - which was the best show ever! So, I'm thinking Fraggle, Wembley, or my personal favorite, Sprocket (the dog on the show!)

Letitia said...

I've always liked big dogs named "Bear". I think Monkey & Bear would be a good pair of dogs name!

- Letitia H

Helen | Pepperina Press said...


I think he should be Lorenzo. And when he's being very cool you can call him Big Zo.

He's a handsome fellow eh.

catbishop said...

The jury is still out and I call the poor dog several names a day. If it were only up to me he'd be named by now but I have a son who's set on Ozzie and i'm not. I love Choxie claire and bear also makes total sense and goes great with monkey. He also looks a little like Lorenzo Lamas so that's a good one. someone on etsy said Fabio.. i once had a peacock named Liberace, actually my afghan Monkey ate Liberace...

stilettoheights said...

nit wit

(I love picking names, I will be back for more!)

Anonymous said...

aw, love your new doggie! George or Georgie comes to mind, not sure why.

stilettoheights said...

how about

Sir Grumpelkin, that would be his full name, and for short you could call him "Grumps"

catbishop said...

Finally the dog is named...

Homeboy! or Homey for short..

Sorry no one picked this, I actually had a dog years ago named this and this dog is reminding me of him. Thanks for all the great entries..
i'll figure out a way to give away the print anyway.

Bek said...

Ha! Homey/Homeboy! Awesome!
I was going to say Rico. (Full name: Enrico Suave) or Gerardo.
For some reason he reminds me of Gerardo in the Rico Suave video from way back when....
Can't you hear him singing it in his head when he walks around with that fabulous mane?!!?!?
Congrats on the new addition!