Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Paw & coffee babe

Paw & coffee babe, originally uploaded by catbishop.

This is Paw pictured with his mate the bowlegged coffee babe. They are the perfect couple....if only Paws head were flat so she could set her drink on it. I've for some unknown reason been completely in love with these silly vintage 50's Maw & Paw Hillbilly coffee mugs for years and have a collection. I think part of the appeal is that they were made in Japan and I can't imagine what the Japanese factory workers back then must have thought of Americans portrayed on these with the outhouses and screaming wives and such. This mug was my favorite because of the more colorful graphics and donkey.

some big pieces are in the works and my 11 year old son has become an assembling nut over night...


stilettoheights said...

like your little hillbillies!

Katie said...

hey, have you been in my garage lately? that looks like my old coffee pot! :)